Studin Young PC developed the following Guiding Principles that govern our practice, our conduct and our relationships with our clients and colleagues.

  1. SERVE WITH HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. We adhere to the highest standards of ethics. We act with honesty, integrity and accountability.  No client, case or deal is worth compromising our reputation.
  1. BE ACCESSIBLE AND RESPONSIVE. We understand that clients rely on us, often in stressful and critical times, and we must be accountable.  We respond quickly to emails and phone calls, communicate effectively and candidly, and work diligently and efficiently to meet deadlines.
  1. UNDERSTAND OUR CLIENTS’ BUSINESS … AND THEIR BOTTOM LINE. While we love to win – and it shows in our preparedness, professionalism and confidence, “winning” has different meaning to different clients.  Sometimes the goal is getting the deal done as fast as possible even if leaving money on the table, others it means buying time.  Very few clients or circumstances demand action with no regard for costs. Thus, understanding our clients’ business needs is fundamental to developing the proper game plan for each matter we take on, and focusing on our clients’ bottom lines is the only way for us to maintain lasting client relationships and to succeed as a firm.
  1. BE CREATIVE; BE A THOUGHT LEADER. Some legal issues are routine, but most are not and depend on a variety of ever-changing factors, including changes in the law. Our attorneys excel at thinking creatively to solve our client’s problems, which gives us a competitive advantage over lawyers who only base their strategies to new problems on past experiences.
  1. ENJOY LIFE. This is our work – and it is serious work.  Our clients’ successes depend on our judgment, ability, dedication and our relentless drive for success. We work as hard and as long as necessary for our clients, but whenever possible, we strive to enjoy what we do. We also believe strongly in the principle that happiness breeds success.  We choose to enjoy life and be happy.