Sports and Entertainment

Studin Young PC attorneys and strategic partners are established leaders in sports and entertainment law, having represented and advised global media conglomerates (Disney, ESPN, Vivendi), major music labels and numerous sports properties and athletes.

Under the mentorship of premier sports lawyers Jeffrey Kessler and James Quinn, Tamir Young has represented the players associations of the NBA, NFL and MLS on numerous litigation and collective bargaining matters as well as individual players in countless player arbitrations.On his own, Mr. Young has also drafted and negotiated sponsorship and licensing agreements on behalf of athletes, coaches and various sports properties, and has negotiated numerous individual player contracts on behalf of athletes in several sports.

Mr. Young is a skilled and proven advocate who has participated in several high-profile sports litigation matters, representing MLS players, NFL players, NFL coaches, NBA players and cities and municipalities.  He has also served as a player agent for professional athletes and has guided college athletes through NCAA compliance matters.  Mr. Young is considered a thought leader in the area of sports law.  He has taught and lectured in various subjects of sports law and has long been an active member of the sports legal community.

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