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Studin Young PC proudly serve as legal counsel to a variety of successful start-ups across many industries, including tech, apps/gaming, retail, real estate, fashion/beauty, health/fitness, travel/hospitality, healthcare and others.  In many ways, these representations, more than any other, demonstrate the best of what Studin Young PC brings to the marketplace – leadership, trust, creative-thinking, flexibility and dedication.  We know that our entrepreneurs live and breathe their startup ventures; their minds are always working; time is of the essence; and cost-conscious, effective legal representation is a must.  We are available, accessible and accountable to our clients, and we routinely find a way to work within the most difficult constraints.

Truly excellent legal counsel requires forging a deep relationship with one’s clients.  We get to know our entrepreneurs and executive clients — their executive style, their company and their goals.  Our approach changes with each client. Some clients strive for slow, organic growth while others seek viral explosion with a targeted sale in mind, and each requires a different legal and business strategy.

Studin Young PC developed a unique program and suite of services dedicated to serving our startup clients that covers their basic legal needs while recognizing the expense conservation nature of the entrepreneurial world.  This turn-key approach is aimed at alleviating the administrative stresses associated with startups so that our clients can focus on the success of their new business.

We advise our startup/entrepreneurial clients in all phases of their growth and across multiple practice areas to meet their diverse needs, including:

  • Entity formation, strategy consulting and counseling on choice of corporate form to match company needs (tax maximization, attracting investors, short-term and long-term goals) ;
  • Preparation of shareholder, partnership and operating agreements, bylaws and other operational or governance materials; preparation of regulatory filings;
  • Guiding companies through funding rounds: negotiating and drafting private placements (angels, VCs, private equity) and other types of conventional or nonconventional financing;
  • Employment agreements, consulting/independent contractor agreements, stock option plans;
  • Intellectual property (copyright, trademark) compliance, registration and licensing/clearance;
  • Commercial contracts, service agreements and general business contracts across a broad spectrum of industries; and
  • M&A, business sales, spin-offs.

See also General Corporate; Outside General Counsel Services and Intellectual Property.

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