Business Divorce & Owner Disputes

Studin Young PC helps individual owners and companies protect their interests and businesses against mismanagement, corporate theft and fraud conducted by other owners of the company, which happens far too often.  When the relationship or trust among owners of private companies deteriorates or, worse, when owners discover that another owner has acted deceitfully, unlawfully or for their own personal interests, it is imperative to call upon experienced, knowledgeable and tenacious legal counsel — and Studin Young delivers.

Once retained, we immediately assist our clients to assess the situation as best as possible, sometimes using the courts to gain access to corporate books, records and accounts if owners have been denied such access.  We have a strong track record, in litigation and pre-litigation settlements, to act swiftly and decisively on behalf of our clients and to fight for their rights.

Whether the company is a corporation, partnership or LLC, we have the experience, acumen and intelligence to understand your business goals and develop winning strategies while navigating the nuances and dangers in this area of law.  And whether the ultimate goal is to oust a disloyal owner, recover stolen or mismanaged assets or force a dissolution of the business, we find solutions to achieve your objectives.

We also work with other reliable and skilled professionals, such as business valuation experts, tax specialists or forensic accountants, to most effectively counsel you through such complex situations.