Outside General Counsel

Many businesses do not need a full-time in-house lawyer, or decide for a variety of reasons not to bear the expense. We fulfill their legal needs through cost-effective alternatives, billing either on a monthly retainer or an hourly, as-needed basis depending on each client’s requirements.  We also provide such services on monthly retainer for several high net worth individuals to assist them in contract review, monitoring their investment ventures, attending or filling in for them in board appointments.

We forge deep relationships with our clients to understand, anticipate and react to their legal needs and challenges.  In addition to meeting their needs as they arise, we also perform periodic legal “check-ups” to review their contracts and legal documents, make sure they remain in regulatory compliance, and update their contracts to conform with best practices as they change.  We also gameplan with our clients on their short-term and long-term strategies from a legal and business perspective. Our clients find our Outside General Counsel services significantly cheaper than staffing a full-time, in-house attorney, and invaluable in giving them peace of mind.

Representative Clients:

SocialIke (social media marketing and branding)

Social Network Fuel (social media marketing & data analytics)

U.S. Digital Sciences Corp. (Internet security & tech support)

PMX Computing, Inc. (digital infrastructure)

Oliver Online, Inc. (broker-free apartment rental app)

CMCS Management, Inc. (business consulting)

MD Affiliate Program, Inc. (medical consulting)

U.S. Chiropractic Directory (specialized consulting)

Emmet Austin (private equity; real estate investor)

Stonington Cox (investment banker; independent investor)


Read Client Testimonials from Patrick Malkmes, CEO of U.S. Digital Sciences Corp.; Isaac Brody, Founder/CEO of SocialIke.

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